About Cameron

I am a chef, traveller, and most importantly, a father.

I am a professional chef who has worked in restaurants and hotels in Canada, Hong Kong, India, and Japan. Armed with a mastery of French techniques and extensive knowledge of many of the world’s great cuisines, I focus on acquiring and sharing local culinary wisdom throughout my travels. I have always been drawn to kitchens –both professional and in the home- operating with sustainable and socially responsible practices.

In 2005 my family moved to New Delhi, India where we encountered a variety of people, culture and food. In fact, our challenges and experiences adjusting to life in India inspired the making of the feature film “Cooking with Stella”, (produced and co-written by Deepa Mehta) – which was released in 2010 by Mongrel Media. I was a consultant and the food stylist for the film.

I currently live in Ottawa, Canada with my wife and two children.