Photos and recap of Bowich Curry House

I wanted to give an update on how the Bowich Curry House went much sooner but work and my travels to a fantastic cookbook conference in New York have kept me busy. 

We had incredible response coming from friends and fellow tweets and Facebookers. We sold out very quickly and in fact could have filled the room twice over. Thank you to all who expressed interest but for whom we could not find room. Your names have been kept aside for priority contact when the next Bowich Curry night happens (look to end of March or early April).

Samantha, Gavin (owners (and siblings) of Bowich) and I were pleased with how the night went off. There was the odd kink the needed to be worked out. As expected for their first sit down event. But it was for a great cause. In all we were able to raise $200 dollars for the Prerna School for Girls in Bihar. It may not seem like it is a lot of money but in Bihar it goes a very long way.

We wanted to record the first Bowich Curry Night so my photographer friend Fred Dekkal volunteered to help. All of these fantastic shots are his. Thanks Fred! 

Bowich Sandwich Shop was briefly tranformed in to ‘Bowich Curry House’ for a few hours.

bhel puri, pani puri/golgappas, aloo bonda

Jess, Tayse and Sam filling the pani puris/ golgappas with diced sweet potatoes, chickpeas, and green mangoes. The first course featuring bhel puri, pani puris, aloo bonda (frying in the karhai) and kachumber salad.

Kerala Backwaters duck curry with root vegetables and lentil papadums anticipating their entrance to the dining room.

Caramelized vanilla/rum roasted pineapple and crumbled coconut peanut ladoo anxiously waits to be dressed with some silky Alphonso mango mousse.

We all had a great time tasting some treats of Goa and Kerala and hey even Shahrukh Khan decided to join us!

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